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How Do I Rent a Cello?

Emily Pate
Emily Pate

A parent or musician wishing to rent a cello typically begins by looking for an economic, lower-end model, comparing prices and finding out about specific fees and payment programs. Parents can also consult parents and teachers for advice or word-of-mouth references, and can look into possible rental through the child's school. Final rental steps include actually going to the store, studying available packages and instruments, and completing all paperwork and initial payments.

If you're planning to rent a cello for a young, beginner musician, you don't necessarily have to invest in paying for a high-end instrument. A young celloist just starting out typically doesn't have the technique and expertise that are necessary for a high-quality piece to make a difference in sound. Instead, you can focus on getting an instrument from a reputable retailer who offers reasonably-sound products and quality customer service, maintenance, and repair.

Man playing a guitar
Man playing a guitar

Comparing prices can help you to narrow your rental choices. You can call each retailer to get a summary of instrument and package pricing, or information may be available on their websites. Many retailers offer a range of packages based on the quality of a cello and the bow. If you find significant pricing differences, some shops may match any deals you find.

Asking about all associated fees as well as payment frequency and policies can give a clearer picture of how much it actually costs to rent a cello from a particular shop. For instance, some retailers offer rent-to-own programs were a portion of each payment goes towards credit on a new instrument. This works well for a student who shows an interest and some mastery in the cello.

Fellow parents, musicians, and music teachers can usually recommend places to rent a cello based on personal experience with pricing, customer service, and instrument quality and upkeep. Some retailers work directly with schools so that parents can order through the music teacher who may be able to obtain a discounted rental rate. These arrangements also typically involve at-school pickup and drop-off for instruments needing maintenance and repair.

The final steps to rent a cello usually involve choosing a specific instrument from the store, signing an agreement, and paying a deposit and the first installment, whether it's monthly or otherwise. Staff should know which cello size is most appropriate for a younger musician, and you can choose a specific instrument by inspecting what’s available in-store. The fewer cracks or body and bow damage, the longer your cello will likely last. You may want to check that all accessories are included as well. Most shops offer a damage waiver fee, which may be desirable for younger musicians, since the cellos typically experience more wear and tear.

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    • Man playing a guitar
      Man playing a guitar