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How Do I Choose the Best Student Cello?

H. Colledge
H. Colledge

As musical instruments can be expensive and the musician hopes to live with them for a long time, choosing a student cello should ideally be a careful, unhurried process. Important factors to consider include whether to buy or rent, as there is a risk that the learner may not take to the instrument. It is wise to approach a specialist in string instruments rather than a general music store, and, after size, the most significant point to consider is probably the sound, or loudness, of the cello, which should be powerful so that the instrument is audible in the orchestra. Other important points include price, as the instrument must be within your budget, and condition, as a used instrument may be too damaged to play well.

For a music student who plans to learn the cello, the best student cello is not necessarily the most expensive. It is important to try a range of different cellos to compare them according to sound and ease of handling. Of course, the student cello must be the correct size for the cellist. As individuals differ in their body proportions, it is best not to choose cello size from height alone, but to seat the student with the instrument to assess size properly.

Man playing a guitar
Man playing a guitar

When trying out a student cello, it is most important that you are happy with its sound, or tone. Generally, an older cello will sound better than a new one, but a more expensive model or well-regarded make of cello is not necessarily going to have a better tone than a cheaper one. Only playing the cello will reveal its sound. Condition is important and, in the case of older instruments that have been damaged and repaired too often, the sound may suffer. It may be a good idea to take your teacher along to help you choose the best instrument.

Although many people are swayed by looks, the appearance of a student cello may be misleading. A cello that is less visually appealing might sound better than a gorgeous-looking instrument. Sometimes, though, if a lot of care and attention to detail has been used in creating a student cello, this can indicate better quality. Cellos manufactured in Italy are more likely to be handmade. In the end, though, the best student cello will be the one within your budget that sounds the most beautiful and is most pleasant to play.

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    • Man playing a guitar
      Man playing a guitar