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How do I Prepare for the LSAT®?

T. L. Childree
T. L. Childree

Several months of intense study are usually required to adequately prepare for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT®). In-person classes are the most common way to prepare for the LSAT®. Online courses are also available in pre-recorded and live formats. An in-depth program of self-study may also work well for some students. A few tutoring sessions with an experienced instructor can help with any problem areas.

The LSAT® is a challenging exam that typically requires an excellent grasp of the material for a good score. The results of the standardized test are one of the primary factors for admission into law school. A study period of three to six months is often needed to adequately prepare for the LSAT®. Since the test is only given four times a year, a study plan should be undertaken well in advance of the exam date. Many students begin studying early enough to take the test a second time and improve their scores.

Self-study is one option for LSAT preparation.
Self-study is one option for LSAT preparation.

Traditional classes are the best way to prepare for the LSAT®. This method usually works well because students are already accustomed to learning in this manner. A small, seminar-style class often provides a better learning environment than a large, lecture-type setting. Smaller settings typically allow students to ask the instructor questions about the study material. It is usually best to avoid classes where the majority of time is spent listening to lectures and taking practice tests.

Online classes are another good way to prepare for the LSAT®. These classes are typically available in pre-recorded and live formats. Pre-recorded classes can be taken at any time while live courses must be attended when they are in session. Live online classes allow students to participate in a virtual class with an instructor and other pupils. This format often permits students to communicate with the instructor by means of a microphone headset or chat window.

An in-depth course of self-study may also be utilized to prepare for the LSAT. This preparation method usually requires more self-discipline than traditional classroom courses. Self-study materials such as books and practice exams are available from various sources. Some publishers also offer live support and classroom recordings in addition to printed materials. Self-study students should not rely solely on practice exams to prepare for the LSAT®.

Students who experience problems grasping certain areas of the LSAT® may benefit from a few personal tutoring sessions. Personal tutoring permits a student to receive more detailed instruction than a classroom setting will allow. The tutor should tailor these sessions to meet individual needs rather than conduct a complete course. It is best to utilize the tutoring services of an experienced instructor rather than an amateur.

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    • Self-study is one option for LSAT preparation.
      By: -Marcus-
      Self-study is one option for LSAT preparation.