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How Do I Organize after School Tutoring Programs?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

After school tutoring programs can be beneficial for students and parents, since they can provide help in all subjects as well as an after school activity that keeps kids occupied while mom and dad are at work. Organizing such programs will take a bit of patience, research, and perhaps even some training. If you do not have any specific knowledge or expertise in a certain field, you may need to hire qualified tutors who can work with students, and you will need to research any laws pertaining to after school tutoring programs in your area before you begin.

Most regions require professionals working with children to obtain a fingerprint identification card, so you may need to go through this process. Any employees you hire will need to do the same to ensure the safety of the children and the peace of mind of the parents. This is only one of many steps you will need to find out about before starting after school tutoring programs, so it is best to do a fair amount of research about local laws and processes. Visit the local school board offices to obtain more information and to find potential tutors who can work with you on the program.

A tutor helping a child with homework.
A tutor helping a child with homework.

If you are already a teacher, you are in good position to start after school tutoring programs since you are likely to already have a rapport with parents and the school. You will need to consult your administration to find out if you are restricted by contract from running such after school tutoring programs; many schools are receptive to such plans and will even offer the classroom as a venue for the program, though other schools may be resistant for liability reasons. Be sure to research carefully and go through all the appropriate channels before beginning.

Starting an independent program not affiliated with any school or district will require some funding. You may need to apply for a business loan or research tutoring grants available to qualified candidates. Find out what the requirements are for such funding options and choose the ones that will work best for you, then go through the application process to secure money. You may need to gain some credentials to qualify for grants or loans, as well as to attract potential customers to the tutoring program, so be sure to research what types of degrees, certificates, or other qualifications are necessary.

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    • A tutor helping a child with homework.
      By: Jacek Chabraszewski
      A tutor helping a child with homework.