How do I Minimize Divorce Attorney Fees?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye
The more work an attorney has to do, the higher the fees will be.
The more work an attorney has to do, the higher the fees will be.

Divorce attorney fees can be reduced by being cooperative with your soon to be ex-spouse. The more work that you give the attorney, the higher his or her fees are likely to be, so do not engage in unnecessary disputes. Significant savings may be possible if you can do some of the work without legal assistance. You can also save money by filing for an uncontested divorce instead of a fault divorce. In either case, do everything that you can to avoid or minimize court appearances.

Although dissolving your marriage is undoubtedly a serious event, it does not necessarily need to be marked with a whopping price tag. Many divorces are fairly simple and easy to conduct. Employing a legal representative from a large, popular law firm is often just frivolous and wasteful. Many attorneys offer free consultations. Use these opportunities to bargain shop.

Aim for an uncontested divorce. Hopefully your spouse will not take action that converts the case into a contested divorce. If this happens, appearances in court are likely to be required. Divorce attorney fees can drastically escalate if your attorney is required to enter a courtroom.

The more work that is required, the higher the divorce attorney fees are likely to be. This can often be avoided by abstaining from arguments that are motivated solely by principle or spite. Make it as easy as possible to reach terms of agreement about issues such as child support and property division. Otherwise, you may find that your resistance costs you more than the value of whatever it is that you will gain if you win the dispute.

You can also attempt to negotiate lower divorce attorney fees by relieving the lawyer of some of his normal duties. For example, his fees may generally include helping his clients to obtain spousal support and child support agreements. If you and your spouse have already reached an agreement or can do so, you may be able to have the divorce attorney to reduce his fees to simply cover filing and obtaining the divorce.

The most drastic means to reduce divorce attorney fees is to get a divorce without legal representation. Many people are unaware that in many jurisdictions retaining an attorney is a matter of choice. Individuals in these jurisdictions have an option to represent themselves. If the desire to divorce is mutual and you and your spouse can reach agreeable terms without intervention, this is the best way to reduce costs.

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    • The more work an attorney has to do, the higher the fees will be.
      The more work an attorney has to do, the higher the fees will be.