How do I Learn Online CPR?

Mitch Morgan
Mitch Morgan

Learning online CPR is a fast and convenient way to learn a potentially life-saving technique. Online CPR courses allow you to become certified in your home with the proper training and testing found in most classrooms. Getting certified online usually requires a fee, but many sites offer how-to instructions for free. Most online CPR courses are designed for easy comprehension, without medical jargon that may confuse some participants.

Infant CPR differs from adult CPR.
Infant CPR differs from adult CPR.

For those who simply wish to learn online CPR without certification, there are web sites that include step-by-step diagrams and instructions on CPR methods. These may be ideal for untrained individuals if the need for CPR arises. CPR-related web sites are also valuable references for certified individuals who want to further their training and expertise.

Find a reputable online source that is sponsored or approved by the American Heart Association (AHA) or other credible organization. These sites generally maintain the most thorough and accurate online CPR information available on the Internet. Finding an accredited CPR web site helps to ensure that the proper procedures are learned.

A variety of CPR methods exist for untrained individuals and medical professionals alike. Remember that the type of CPR you should administer may depend on whether it is given to a senior, adult, small child, or an animal. Most web sites devoted to CPR training should offer more than one method.

Determine the best CPR method for your needs, then follow the web site’s how-to guides or videos to become educated on CPR, and what to expect. Some online CPR courses might include additional health and safety information. First aid safety is one of many types of medical training you may become certified for online.

Study the online training course or instructions closely. Follow any and all advice the course suggests, as different CPR scenarios may arise. Practice the method multiple times until you feel comfortable performing CPR in a real-life situation.

If your are learning CPR without certification, consider finding another person to learn with you. Working with someone else may allow more hands-on training by practicing the CPR technique on that individual, but without actually performing full CPR. Extreme caution is advised here, as practicing full CPR on a healthy person, can result in serious injury. There are also CPR dummies available for practicing the procedure.

CPR-related applications exist for some cell phones with internet access. These programs help give users immediate access to online CPR information and videos with the touch of a button. Installing one of these applications to your phone helps ensure that you will be ready in the event that CPR is required. These applications may be particularly helpful for people who are neither trained nor certified for CPR.

Mitch Morgan
Mitch Morgan

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