How do I get Online CPR Recertification?

N. Madison
N. Madison

To earn online cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) recertification, you typically have to find a reputable online program and enroll in it. In most cases, you will have to review a range of online training materials to earn recertification, and some programs may include audio and video training materials as part of the recertification process. In some cases, an online CPR recertification program includes a hands-on component, which may require you to travel to an instructor's site for a short period of training. Additionally, you will usually have to pass an online exam in order to earn online CPR recertification.

Infant CPR technique is taught on mannequins.
Infant CPR technique is taught on mannequins.

The first step you may take in seeking online CPR recertification is likely to be finding a suitable program. You may find it most beneficial to choose a program offered by a well-known organization or at least one that is widely recognized as reputable in your jurisdiction. By doing so, you can ensure that the training you receive is adequate and that others will view your recertification credential as legitimate.

You may do well to select an online CPR recertification program that includes a hands-on component, as a recertification program that lacks hands-on practice may be less effective. Often, online CPR recertification programs that do include a hands-on component require you to travel to an instructor’s site for a couple of hours of in-person instruction. In other cases, however, an instructor may agree to travel to your location instead.

Once you have chosen an online CPR recertification program that suits your needs, you will typically have a set outline of materials to review to complete the course. In most cases, these programs are self-paced. This means you will likely be allowed to complete them based on your own unique schedule. Some programs may, however, require you to complete them in a specific amount of time. If timing is an issue for you, you may do well to choose one of the self-paced programs.

In most cases, you will have to take an exam once you are finished reviewing the online training materials. You will likely receive a recertification certificate or card after you successfully pass the exam. If your course includes a hands-on component, you may have to pass a hands-on test or evaluation as well. Once you’ve successfully completed an online CPR recertification program and exam, you will typically have an opportunity to print your recertification credential from the Internet.

N. Madison
N. Madison

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