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How Do I Improve My Marketing Vocabulary?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands

In order to improve your marketing vocabulary, read more marketing books and immediately look up any unfamiliar words you discover while reading. Write these words down and endeavor to use them in your daily communication whenever possible. When speaking with others who work in marketing, pay attention to the language and marketing jargon used, and inquire about any words or terms you are not familiar with. Continue writing down new marketing vocabulary words and phrases, and make a conscious effort to integrate them into your written and spoken communication.

In addition to reading more marketing books, also listen to audio tapes and watch video presentations offered by professional marketers. Notice how certain marketing vocabulary terms are used and how they are pronounced. As you are introduced to new words and terms, practice saying them out loud several times until you feel comfortable and confident about using them in your daily speech.

Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

Performing an Internet search for marketing vocabulary improvement can also lead you to websites that feature glossaries specific to marketing words and terms. Explore these sites for words that can be added to your vocabulary list. If you find difficulty understanding or pronouncing certain words, do not be afraid to ask others in the marketing field to help you.

Learning how to effectively use new marketing vocabulary words in your spoken communication is important. It is equally important, however, to know how to spell these words correctly when composing written correspondence and media materials. In order to build your written vocabulary, practice writing difficult words multiple times and pay attention to how each one is spelled. In particular, pay attention to words that need to be capitalized or that include dashes or other special characters.

With time, you’ll notice that your marketing vocabulary naturally expands with the regular use of new words. There will be words, however, that you will not use as often as others. Continue to regularly study how to pronounce and spell these words, as well as how to use them in their proper context when the appropriate time arises.

In order to boost your marketing vocabulary, it is important to regularly communicate with others in your field. If you do not regularly interact with other professional marketers in your daily life, take the time to find local marketing organizations and groups that meet regularly. Not only will your marketing vocabulary improve with increased exposure to others in the business, but you will also likely benefit from the support offered in these groups, as well as the networking opportunities many of them provide.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase