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How do I get Primary School Teacher Training?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

The type of primary school teacher training you will need to pursue will vary according to the requirements of the school district in the city, state, country, or locale in which you live. Training requirements will vary, sometimes significantly, from place to place, so the first step is to research what kind of primary school teacher training is required by the school district in which you intend to teach. Looking at programs at colleges and universities is a good start, as most of these establishments will be familiar with specific requirements that vary from one jurisdiction to another.

Just about all school districts will require that a candidate possess a teaching certificate; such a certificate is often part of primary school teacher training. The candidate will have to take the appropriate examinations to earn such a certificate, and much of the curriculum of a teacher training program will focus on the topics that will be covered by the examinations. Examinations are usually taken at the end of primary school teacher training programs, which can last anywhere from several months to several years, depending on the candidate's current credentials.

A primary school teacher working.
A primary school teacher working.

Any primary school teacher training in which you participate should be offered by an accredited institution that is well known and respected within the teaching profession. This will help ensure that you can secure a job once the teacher training is completed. Consider local colleges and universities for your primary school teacher training, and try to meet with an academic advisor who can guide you through the process. Meeting with some sort of advisor can also help you determine the best schooling options, which may include on-site classroom work, distance learning options, and online classes.

If you already hold some type of teaching certification, earning a primary school teaching certificate may be much easier. Be sure to check with both your school district and the school you will be attending to see if the course of study can be shortened since you already have some credentials. Most programs, for example, include a student teaching requirement, but if you have already spent a significant amount of time in a classroom actively teaching, this requirement can possibly be waived for you. If you have completed other education coursework, be sure to submit transcripts to the institution you are considering attending to see if some of the coursework requirements can be waived as well.

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    • A primary school teacher working.
      By: Monkey Business
      A primary school teacher working.