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How do I get Microfinance Training?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

Microfinance is a specific type of financing designed to provide low income populations with loans, access to banks and insurance, and other financial services. Professionals who work in this field are normally employed by financial institutions, charity organizations, government agencies, and global organizations, such as the United Nations. In order to get microfinance training, it can be helpful to first determine which kind of position in this field you would most like to hold. Once this is determined, it can be helpful to have a relevant educational background, as well as to participate in training courses and programs offered by institutes and foundations that specialize in microfinance and microlending training.

The best way to begin microfinance training can often be to determine which kind of work you would like to do. If you are interested in financial strategy and crunching the numbers, then you can find plenty of positions related to the planning and implementation of financial strategies. Individuals who are interested in working in a certain location, such as India and Kenya, where there is much microfinance activity, can find institutions specializing in this region of the world. As in many fields and industries, microfinance also has a need for technological development, so information technology professionals and engineers can also find positions in this field.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Once you have determined which kind of position you would like to hold, you can determine which kind of microfinance training can best assist you in reaching your goals. There are a number of academic degrees and courses focused on international development and sustainability. These are great way to get introduced to many of the operations, principles, and practices that occur in the microfinance field. Others may choose to take world politics, sociology, and international affairs courses.

Another good way to get microfinance training is to enroll in one of the institutes or organizations that specialize in performing this kind of work. These institutes tend to focus on one particular region or country. Some training programs end in certification or in the earning of a degree, whereas others serve the purpose solely of providing practical career training.

If you know the part of the world in which you would like to practice, a large part of microfinance training may include learning languages or cultural practices. For work such as community development, an important component of microfinance, being fluent in a native language can be essential to the success of the project. Learning about culture mores and behaviors can also help one who is participating in a microfinance project.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book