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How Do I Get Army Work Experience?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

Serving in the military can give you career experience that might lead ultimately to civilian employment opportunities. You might gain army work experience by serving in a reserve component of this military branch, which could allow you to get job experience while going to college. Another way to get military training is by serving a short period of enlistment on active duty. If you do not meet the requirements for military service, you may be able to volunteer with a state defense force, as these groups generally has less stringent guidelines for joining.

The US Army Reserve and Army National Guard are two examples of part-time branches that typically allow you to work one weekend a month in addition to a few weeks each year for training purposes. This type of army work experience can help you get on-the-job training in a career field without giving up your current employment. You may also be able to earn tuition assistance while serving, making it a good choice if you are currently working towards a degree. An enlistment in a reserve component generally involves a six to eight year term with the possibility of a call-up to active duty during times of national emergency.

An Army Reserve officer reports for periodic military training.
An Army Reserve officer reports for periodic military training.

Enlistment contracts for active duty service are sometimes between two to three years. One of these enlistments might be a good choice because you could receive more benefits on active duty than you would while serving in a reserve unit. This type of army work experience might require you to serve additional time in a reserve component once the initial enlistment contract is over. Many countries offer a shorter enlistment period in exchange for doing this, so it can be important to think about how long you would like to serve before making a decision.

Active and reserve employment opportunities generally require you to pass a written exam and meet certain physical requirements; there is usually an age restriction on joining as well. This can make it difficult to gain army work experience if you have health problems or are past the maximum age. Many areas have a local defense force that responds to local disasters along with the Army National Guard. Joining one of these agencies can give you army work experience since most have a rank structure and operate much like this branch of service. A defense force may not discriminate based upon age or health, but does not normally pay its members for their service.

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    • An Army Reserve officer reports for periodic military training.
      By: daughter
      An Army Reserve officer reports for periodic military training.