How do I get an Overnight Cash Advance?

Ken Black

Getting an overnight cash advance is very simple. All it normally will require is proof of income as well as a bank account. In most cases, the cash advance can be done even sooner than overnight, depending on the situation. However, there are a substantial amount of considerations that must be taken into account when considering an overnight cash advance. These may mean that the choice is not a good one for everyone.

Cash advance loans require proof of income.
Cash advance loans require proof of income.

Most people considering an overnight cash advance are really looking for what is known as a payday loan, also sometimes spelled as pay day loan. However, given that they may specifically be looking for an overnight transaction, it is likely they want an internet-based situation rather than to go to a traditional, physical cash advance location. There may not be much of a difference, but there can be, depending on which company is chosen.

Most people looking for an overnight cash advance are actually seeking a payday loan.
Most people looking for an overnight cash advance are actually seeking a payday loan.

Once a person expresses an interest in the overnight cash advance, there is an application process that will need to be gone through. This will involve basic information, such as the individual's name and address. It will also ask for more extensive information such as the bank account where the cash advance will be sent and the routing number. This information is critical because in most cases, the overnight cash advance business wires the money, rather than sending a physical check to the individual.

In such cases, the cash advance company will also not require a written check from the individual. Rather, when the time comes to pay back the instant cash advance, the business will simply attempt to debit the account. The borrower will likely have to indicate an agreement for this to happen during the application process. The debit should not come as a surprise to the borrower, simply because he or she will have the chance to know when the payment will be due.

In some situations, if the borrower needs additional time to pay back the quick cash advance, this can also be done. In those cases, the borrower will need to contact the lender as quickly as possible once he or she realizes the money will not be available on the approved date. This will likely incur higher fees, but it is better than having the borrower debit an account and be denied payment for insufficient funds.

Those who are considering an overnight cash advance should heed warnings put out by the Federal Trade Commission and others. Some of the businesses are predatory in nature and could hurt a lot more than they try to help. Therefore, it is imperative to do research and check out reviews on cash advance lenders operating over the internet before entering any sort of agreement with them.

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