How Do I Get a Master's in International Trade?

Jodee Redmond
Jodee Redmond
Map of the world.
Map of the world.

A master’s in international trade is an advanced degree. Anyone who is interested in obtaining this degree must start by completing an undergraduate degree in a major which provides a good foundation for this type of study, such as business or finance. Students can take classes on campus or online to complete the requirements for this degree. Some on-campus programs offer the opportunity to study overseas and students must have a working knowledge of at least one other language before enrolling in the program.

The requirements for completing an undergraduate degree in business include taking a number of general studies courses. As the student works through the program toward a master's in international trade, he or she will take courses in business law, accounting, marketing and economics. People who decide to major in finance at university learn about investments and management pertaining to money in a business. They may also study securities, financial markets and risk management.

Once the undergraduate degree has been completed, a person who wants to get a master’s in international trade can start to look at the different types of programs available. For some students, going to a classroom and interacting directly with the instructor and other students is an integral part of the process. For other people trying to further their education, distance learning makes more sense. This option allows them to study at their own pace and continue holding down a job while they do so.

Before enrolling in an online program, a prospective student should consider this decision very carefully. Not only does the student need to make sure that that the degree will provide the right education to reach his or her professional goals, but the student must also consider whether studying independently is going to work out well. Not everyone has the discipline to set specific times to complete coursework without the structure of having to go to class at certain times.

A person who is considering getting a master’s in international trade and is also considering on-campus learning will need to find out whether the programs include a foreign study component. To qualify for this type of learning experience, a student will need to speak at least one language other than English. Spending some time studying abroad is a wonderful way to get a different perspective on the curriculum for a master's in international trade. It can also help the student develop contacts in other countries which can be useful when pursuing a career in a multinational corporation, government department or agency.

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    • Map of the world.
      Map of the world.