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How do I get a Cash Advance in One Hour?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois

Many cash advance and payday loan companies specialize in providing a cash advance in one hour. A cash advance or payday loan is a form of short-term financing provided based on employment history instead of credit rating. The criteria for qualification for these types of loans are very different from for a longer term loan from a financial institution.

To qualify for a cash advance in one hour, you must have your payroll directly deposited in your bank account. A payday loan is collected in full directly from your bank account on your payday. If you do not have direct deposit of your payroll check, you will not qualify. Read the loan agreement with care and make sure that you know exactly when the payment will be withdrawn from your bank account.

Homeowners may receive cash for their foreclosed home.
Homeowners may receive cash for their foreclosed home.

In order to find a finance company that offers a cash advance in one hour, search for Internet-based cash advance companies or look for a storefront operation. Both types of companies will ask for a set of documents as part of the application process. Print out copies of your last two payroll statements, proof of address, the last 60 days of banking transactions and have a voided check for the same bank where your payroll is deposited with you.

If you are using an Internet-based company, these documents are usually faxed to the company, along with your request. The finance company reviews the details and informs you of the amount of your loan. The funds are then transmitted electronically to your bank or sent in an email money transfer.

An email transfer is a quick, secure money transfer method. The email provides a link to the payment instructions from the sender. The recipient selects the bank they want to deposit the funds into, accesses their online bank account and accept the deposit. The funds are available immediately.

A storefront company that offers a cash advance in one hour has a very similar process. They require all the same documents, and may ask for a form of photo identification as well. When the loan is approved, the money is provided in cash or on a prepaid bank card.

A cash advance is a very expensive form of financing, with interest rates ranging between 35 to 65% annual interest rate. In addition, any finance, application, or processing fees are added to the interest amount. This type of financing is for emergencies and is not intended to be a long-term financing solution.

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    • Homeowners may receive cash for their foreclosed home.
      By: illustrart
      Homeowners may receive cash for their foreclosed home.