How Do I Earn Certification in Business Intelligence?

Lainie Petersen

To earn a certification in business intelligence, you will need to identify the respected professional business intelligence organizations in the country where you plan to work. Depending on where you live, there may be several organizations that offer training so that you can become a certified business intelligence professional. Once you contact an organization, ask about its certification requirements, which typically include the completion of coursework or passing one or more certifying exams.

Completion of coursework and exams may be required to achieve certification in business intelligence.
Completion of coursework and exams may be required to achieve certification in business intelligence.

The practice of developing business intelligence typically involves the use of computers and software. This will require you to develop strong computer skills, and you will also need to learn to work with data mining software before you will be eligible to earn certification in business intelligence. You may find that some business intelligence software vendors offer coursework that can train you in learning to use your products.

Once you identify the most highly regarded organizations that offer certification in business intelligence in your area, join the organization. In many cases members of an organization receive discounts on certification programs, course work and entry fees at conventions and conferences. After evaluating their certification program, you may find that there are numerous educational events that take place during conferences and industry trade shows. By attending these shows and conferences, you can get better acquainted with business intelligence principles and prepare yourself for taking certification examinations.

Prior to obtaining certification, you may also be asked to choose a sub-specialty in business intelligence for which you may earn additional certification. If you are new to business intelligence, you may need to take a while to determine which area you wish to specialize in. Again, participation in the activities of a professional organization can help you in this area, as you can learn about sub-specialties through the organization's events and publications.

One thing to be aware of is that there is a distinction between earning certification in business intelligence and earning a business intelligence certificate from a university. Certification is a credential issued by a professional organization after an individual completes certain requirements that demonstrate proficiency in a trade or occupation. A business intelligence certificate, on the other hand, is an academic credential issued by a school after a student completes a particular sequence of academic courses. While both can be helpful in furthering your career, some employers may value or even require one credential over the other. Many schools that teach library science, or that offer business administration courses, also offer certificates and coursework in business intelligence.

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