How do I Create Attic Storage?

Margo Upson

Knowing how to properly utilize attic storage can open up much more storage space in a home. As the attic is usually one of the least-accessible storage areas of the home, harder to get to than the basement or garage, it should be used to store items that are only needed on occasion. Attic storage is best for holiday decorations, for example.

Plastic bins can often protect items from weather elements.
Plastic bins can often protect items from weather elements.

Before beginning, make sure the attic is a safe place to use as storage. Roof leaks, a weak floor, or protruding nails can all be safety risks. Install adequate lighting and carefully inspect the ceiling and floors for any signs of rot, leakage, or instability. This may also be a good time to consider your attic access point. If you will be bringing large items into the attic for storage, widening the opening and even creating fold-down stairs may make the job safer and easier.

Creating attic storage doesn't have to include home renovation, but it can. Shelves are one of the best ways to organize belongings, and built in shelves are sturdy and can be made to fit the size of any boxes or other containers. Any sturdy shelving can work well for storage. Labeling the shelves makes locating items, and then returning them to their proper places, easy.

Storage bins are another way to improve attic storage. Bins can be sorted by color, with clothes going in one color bin and toys, for example, going in another. See-through storage containers allow for color coding while also making it easier to see what is inside. When using bins, remember to put heavier bins in easy to reach places, not stacked up high or in an area where they need to be pulled out, to avoid potential injury. Although many storage bins stack, stacking them too high can also pose a possible safety risk.

Creating aisles, especially in a larger attic, can be one of the best ways to maximize attic storage. Multiple rows of shelving, or even just stacked bins and boxes, can make retrieving belongings much easier than having to move a bunch of boxes to find what you are looking for. Aisles can be divided by the person the items belong to, the type of belonging, or how often the item is used.

When creating attic storage, it is important to not forget wall space. Hanging items on the wall can be a simple way to put smaller items in easy reach. For example, a set of hooks might hold winter coats, yard tools, or strings of holiday lights. This utilizes smaller areas where it would be difficult to set up shelving.

Attics aren't always insulated, and can even collect moisture, which can damage many belongings that may be stored up there. Insulating an attic, weather proofing, and even adding in vents, windows and skylights may provide a better environment for items to be stored in. Taking the time to prepare for attic storage can protect your belongings and make storing easier. Using attic storage solutions can make storing easier, and retrieval faster, by creating a storage space that is organized and optimized for maximum storage.

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