What are the Different Types of Attic Staircase?

Desi C.

Choosing an attic staircase is a process that involves understanding what is available on the market, and what will best suit your needs. There are a number of different attic staircase designs that a homeowner can choose from.

A wooden staircase is a fine choice if the quality of the wood is high.
A wooden staircase is a fine choice if the quality of the wood is high.

The disappearing staircase usually attaches to an attic hatch or door. This type of ladder can be pulled down when needed, and provides a safe and comfortable way of accessing an attic. When the disappearing staircase is closed the ladder actually ascends in to the attic. Because of its design, homeowners should consider how much space is available in the attic, and how much space might be needed in the future. Those with space concerns might want to consider a different type of attic staircase.

Folding attic staircases come in a couple of different varieties. One style is the telescoping extension ladder, which is another great space saver. The sections of the ladder telescope out and extend to the ground, creating a sturdy ladder for one to climb. Other folding attic stairs do just as there name implies, which is to fold up for storage, or down for attic access.

Another type of attic staircase is the accordion staircase, which unfolds piece by piece at each rung, accordion style. Attic staircases are made of wood, aluminum, or steel, and the material they are made with can greatly effect the quality and durability of the staircase. A wooden attic staircase is a fine choice if the quality of the product is good, and a warranty is included with the product. Wooden attic staircases have been known to cause splinters and be less durable over time. A high quality steel or aluminum attic staircase may prove to be more durable, longer lasting, and rust resistant. Steel or aluminum staircases should also come with a good warranty and product guarantee.

Many attic staircases come with accessories or additions that can increase the safety of the product. Handrails and foot treads are accessories that can greatly increase the safety of a staircase, and provide extra support for a climber. Some attic staircases are fire rated, and this is something that should be discussed with a retailer.

It is important that regardless of the type of attic staircase chosen, the hardware should be made of a high quality material, and it should be weather resistant. A wood ladder is a fine choice, but buyers might consider one made of laminated wood since it tends to last longer. Finally, the weight limits of attic staircases can vary, and buyers should keep in mind how much weight the staircase will be holding and how often the ladder will be used.

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