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How Do I Create a Garden Workshop?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Serious gardeners need more than just a patch of grass to prepare plants for planting. A garden workshop is a great way to create a usable space for preparing plants, storing equipment, and even growing some plants from seedlings. The first step in creating a garden workshop is determining how you will use the space, and where you will build it. Be sure to take careful measurements of that space to ensure the workshop can be built without interfering with boundary lines or other structures, and also take note of how the presence of the workshop will affect shade in the planting area if it is built close to the garden.

If you intend to include a greenhouse within the garden workshop, you will need to pay close attention to how the sun strikes certain areas in your yard. The amount of sunlight that strikes the roof of the garden workshop will affect how useful the greenhouse will be, so observe the sun throughout the day to figure out the best configuration. You may want to consider installing a sink with a hose attachment, which means you will need to run plumbing to the workshop. This will be useful for maintaining plants within the greenhouse as well as for cleaning up after potting projects.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

A potting station should be present within any garden workshop. This work station can be as simple as a small table, or it can be more elaborate, with planting-specific designs in mind. Pegboard is a useful addition to any workspace. This board comes in large panels that can be cut to any size, and the board will feature a series of small holes in which pegs or hooks can be hung. Once the pegboard is hung from a wall, tools can be stored on the pegboard when not in use without taking up valuable space on a workbench or on the floor.

Think about how much space you will need in your garden workshop. While some yards will constrain how large the structure can be, others are large enough to accommodate any size of structure. This does not necessarily mean you should build a large shed, however. You will need to determine what kinds of tools you will store and what other items will be built or placed in the workshop. If, for example, you intend to store a lawn tractor in the workshop, you will need a larger space with a wider door through which the tractor can be driven.

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Discussion Comments


For the large things just get a 55 gallon drum and put your tools in it working side up. Metal is best. It would be heavy enough not to tip or figure out how to anchor it.


I am the type of person who likes everything neat and organized. My husband is just the opposite and clutter doesn't bother him in the least.

I just love having a separate garden space to keep my gardening tools in. I know now exactly where the rakes, clippers, water attachments, spades and all my other outside tools are located.

These used to be in the garage and it seemed like I was always stepping on a rake or losing my garden gloves because I didn't have a way to keep everything organized.

Sometimes I almost feel like this is my own playhouse where I can go to create and dream of what my yard will look like when all my flowers are in bloom.


We live on a few acres just outside of town and I was so excited when the house we bought had a small garden shed. This was the first time I had a space like this, and I was excited about it.

It isn't big enough to hold a lawn tractor, so I really get the space all to myself, which I really enjoy. My husband can now have the garage for all of his stuff.

Even though this is a small workshop, it does contain a sink which is really a lifesaver. This saves me a lot of trips back and forth to the house. If someone is thinking about building their own garden workshop, I would definitely recommend leaving room for a sink if you can get the plumbing worked out.


@sunshined-- I sure wish I had something like this for my gardening supplies. I have my things scattered all over the place in whatever empty space I can find in the garage.

I feel like I am always unorganized and hunting for something because I don't know exactly where it is at. It would also be wonderful to have my own potting station.

I have a lot of flowers planted in containers and need some place like a garden shed to store all of my pots over the winter. If I had all my pots and potting soil in one place it would cut down on the mess and clutter inside my garage.

Where I live right now I don't really have the space to add a garden workshop, but it doesn't stop me from dreaming about having one some day.


Having a garden workshop shed is something I would have a hard time giving up if I had to. Gardening is my passion and I am happiest when I can be outside working with my plants and flowers.

I have only had a garden workshop within the last 5 years, and wish I had something like this built a long time ago.

Being able to keep all of my tools and garden mess in one space is so much more efficient and enjoyable. Now that I have my own space I like to start my own seedlings, which can save me a lot of money when it comes to buying seed.

My only regret is I wish I had built a larger window or had more of a greenhouse affect. My next plan is to add this on to my current workshop so I can start more flowers and vegetables from seed.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass