How Do I Choose the Best Flower Arranging Courses?

Lainie Petersen

When selecting flower arranging courses, consider your goals in learning flower arranging, the type of arranging that you want to pursue, as well as practical concerns such as the location and cost of the courses that interest you. Another consideration is the learning format for a course that you take. Some floral design courses are available via distance learning, while others require that you attend in-person classes. If you are interested in a particular type of flower arranging, such as a program that teaches ethnic floral design, you may need to search out specialized courses through cultural centers, botanic gardens, or special classes taught through adult education centers.

Check with local flower shops for flower arranging courses.
Check with local flower shops for flower arranging courses.

There are several different types of flower arranging courses, including those geared toward hobbyists as well as those who want to become professional florists. If you are simply interested in taking flower arranging courses so that you can improve your flower arranging skills for home decor, you may find that a short course or workshop taught at a park district, through adult education programs, or even at a flower shop is suited to your needs. On the other hand, if you plan to pursue floral design as a career, you may wish to take a more comprehensive course. In some areas, schools of floral design exist that can give you a comprehensive education in both floral design as well as the management of a florist business.

Floral design is not a licensed profession.
Floral design is not a licensed profession.

In addition to specialized schools of floral design, you may find courses offered through vocational schools in your area as well as junior colleges and even four-year universities. At community colleges and universities, courses in floral design may be offered as part of a comprehensive horticulture program. If you are uninterested in pursuing a degree, the flower arranging courses at a stand-alone floral design school or vocational school may be better suited to your needs. You may also be able to complete your training through a distance learning program. While this has the disadvantage of not being able to work directly with an instructor, you may find distance education to be more compatible with your schedule.

As floral design is not a licensed profession, you may find that flower arranging courses are most commonly available through unaccredited training programs. Although these programs are often far less expensive and take less time to complete than accredited horticulture degree programs, the quality of instruction may vary. If you are considering such a program, ask the school for references from former students. In addition, you may want to ask successful florists in your area for their opinion of these courses.

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