How Do I Choose the Best Yacht Plans?

Dan Cavallari

If you are considering building a yacht or having one built for you, the search for yacht plans must begin with determining what kind of boat you want. Yachts generally fall into two categories: motorized vessels and sail-powered vessels. Sail-powered yachts are very beautiful and more traditional-looking, and the yacht plans are likely to be less complex, but piloting such a vessel will require some training and practice. They also tend to be smaller in most cases, so you would need to sacrifice some space and luxury for aesthetics and tradition.

When choosing yacht plans, include whether the boat will be stored in a marina or if it will need to be transported from home.
When choosing yacht plans, include whether the boat will be stored in a marina or if it will need to be transported from home.

Motorized yachts will considerably vary in size and function. When choosing your yacht plans, you will need to determine how much you are willing to spend on the boat, what features you will need, how much space will be necessary for you and your family or friends, and how much time you intend to spend on the boat. For many yacht owners, size and luxury are primary goals when researching yacht plans; for others, budget and functionality are more important. Decide what your priorities are and choose yacht plans accordingly. It may be best to consult a boat builder who can give you a better idea of the cost of the boat you are considering, as well as to get recommendations for the specific features and functions of your yacht.

Other considerations when choosing yacht plans include whether you will store the boat in a marina or if you will need to transport it from home; what kind of body of water you will be boating on; and what skill level you are at in terms of piloting a boat. Storing a boat at a marina opens up more possibilities, since you will not have to worry about transporting the boat over roads and storing it at home, but for a boater who does not live near water, a smaller yacht that can be transported easily may be the best option. The type of yacht plans that will be most appropriate for you will also depend on where you intend to launch the boat; a yacht meant for oceans may not be the best choice for a river or lake vessel.

If you plan on being the captain of this vessel yourself, consider your ability level carefully so you will be able to learn how to pilot the boat safely and effectively. Some larger vessels may require a special license or certification, so be sure to research local laws before taking the plunge on a larger boat.

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