How do I Choose the Best Workout Calendar?

Nat Robinson
Nat Robinson
A young woman does push ups during a cardio workout.
A young woman does push ups during a cardio workout.

Some people decide to start a workout program to lose weight, while others may start a regime to stay in shape or to build strength. It can be difficult to incorporate workout time into a very busy lifestyle. Often, the hustle and bustle of everyday life can leave little time for extra activities. A workout calendar can be a helpful resource for someone trying to fit exercise into an already tight schedule. Choosing the best workout calendar will generally be tailored to an individual preference.

When choosing a workout calendar, it is important for the individual to decide on the most important features the calendar should have to be beneficial for him or her. For some, a calendar with a workout log is a good start. The log may be pre-filled or have several blank slots, where the individual can decide where to put varying pieces of information. Some logs may begin with the name of the exercise. This bit of information may be followed up with the days of the week dedicated to that exercise and the time spent doing it.

A person may find a workout calendar most useful when trying to build or stay on a workout routine. Calendars such as this can be helpful by allowing an individual to see a workout schedule for a whole week or month at a glance. This can give the individual an idea of what he or she has accomplished, as well as the work still needed to be done. Commonly, this type of calendar will be set up just as any general calendar. The day for which the workout week begins will be up to the individual, some may start with Sundays as is the case with most calendars, although many people may prefer this type of calendar to begin on Mondays.

Before choosing a workout calendar, it may be a good idea to come up with a workout plan. This may include setting goals with a target number of activities to do each day or week. One may also opt for a calendar which incorporates the benefits of the workout. For instance, if the purpose of the workout is to lose weight, there may be an entry for weight loss incorporated into the calendar. As an alternative, if a person wishes to build strength and gain muscle mass, this could be an entry as well.

Often, an individual will purchase a workout calendar from a store. In many cases, one may go online and print a free workout calendar. If a personalized calendar is preferred, it may be a good idea to personally design the calendar. This will give the individual free range to create a calendar with all of the features he or she desires. Additionally, one may decide to use one of the various types of computer software on the market detailed for making calendars.

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    • A young woman does push ups during a cardio workout.
      By: Sergejs Rahunoks
      A young woman does push ups during a cardio workout.