How do I Choose the Best Wooden Privacy Fence? (with picture)

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen
A wood privacy fence can discourage someone from looking into a yard.
A wood privacy fence can discourage someone from looking into a yard.

When choosing the best wooden privacy fence, there are several considerations you should think about to make the process easier. The height of the fence you choose is typically quite important and can make a great deal of difference with regard to the amount of privacy it will provide. You should also consider the way in which the fence is constructed and how well it actually obstructs the vision of someone attempting to look through it. It can also be helpful to consider the way in which the wooden privacy fence can be constructed or installed when choosing the best one for your needs.

A wooden privacy fence is a type of fence made from wooden materials and is typically intended to provide privacy for an area. This sort of fencing can be used around a home or business or provide a certain amount of privacy and security, while also providing the visual appeal of wood. A wooden privacy fence may be constructed from individual pieces of wood, or may utilize sheets of fencing already assembled and can then be installed together to create a complete fence.

The height of a wooden privacy fence is one of the most important concerns regarding the privacy provided by the fence. You will typically want to ensure you purchase or construct a fence that will be tall enough to provide you with effective privacy. While a 5 foot (about 1.5 meters) tall fence may work fine for keeping wild animals and children out of your yard, such a fence will not prevent others from easily looking over it. You will probably want a wooden privacy fence of at least 6 or more feet (over 1.8 meters) in height, though 10 feet (over 3 meters) or more would be even more effective.

It can also be important to consider how the wooden privacy fence is constructed to ensure it affords as much privacy as possible. If you are building a fence out of individual pieces of wood, then you can build it in a way that ensures the greatest amount of privacy possible. You should build the fence with wooden slats on each side, and offset them from one side to the other so that one side overlaps the gaps on the other side. This will typically provide you with greater privacy than a fence with slats on only one side that can be seen through more easily.

You can also purchase large pieces of fencing already assembled in certain lengths and install these together to create a wooden privacy fence. This type of fencing can often provide a great deal of privacy and may be easier to build than one made from individual wooden boards. You will want to ensure that these prefabricated fencing units are tall enough to provide you with adequate privacy, however, and this type of fencing may also be more expensive than building from raw materials.

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    • A wood privacy fence can discourage someone from looking into a yard.
      A wood privacy fence can discourage someone from looking into a yard.