How Do I Choose the Best Wig Comb?

S. Gonzales

Choosing a wig comb doesn't have to be a difficult task. While shopping, you'll just have to ensure that you purchase a comb that is specially designed to be used with synthetic hair, is built to withstand multiple combings and can safely be used with water or hair care products. Wig combs should be tools that help manage and maintain wigs for the duration of their use.

Wig combs are used to manage and maintain wigs for the duration of their use.
Wig combs are used to manage and maintain wigs for the duration of their use.

When buying a wig comb, choose one that can be used with water. Combing a wig with water can control static electricity, making the wig more more manageable. Spritzing some water on the wig and then gently combing the water through all parts of the wig can reinvigorate it and make it look like new again.

Generally, when looking for a wig comb, search for combs that have bristles or teeth that are designed to avoid snagging on artificial hair. These types of wig combs usually have looped bristles or teeth with balled tips to decrease the probability of damage to a wig while it is being combed. If the wig is especially thick, you might also want to purchase a wig comb with a sturdy handle for a better grip.

For someone who enjoys using hair care products on the wig, look for a wig comb that can be easily cleaned after the products have been applied. Hard plastic combs usually can be cleaned with ease. These can come in handy for using sticky products such as hair mousse. Combs that can be easily cleaned will allow you to apply hair products onto the wig and comb the product through the length of the hair without having to worry about difficult hair product removal procedures. Complicated styling techniques, however, should be reserved for professionals who can fully change the look of a wig without damaging it.

Remember that wigs should be combed gently. It might be tempting to comb a wig fast and vigorously to save time, but the harsh motions can hurt the wig instead of helping it. It's always better to take your time and treat each section of the wig with finesse. Doing this can ensure that the wig will be wearable for a longer period of time.

Selecting an appropriate wig comb is necessary to maintaining the integrity of the wig. Don't use a comb designed to be used on human hair to comb a wig, because those combs can pull, tug and stretch the delicate hair on the wig. Normal hair combs can actually contribute to the deterioration of a wig, which is why it's important to find the right wig comb.

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