How Do I Choose the Best Website Design Courses?

Alicia Sparks

Choosing the best website design courses means choosing courses that will help you achieve your specific career goals, comply with your schedule and lifestyle needs, and meet your budget requirements. Spend some time searching both online courses and traditional classroom programs, and talk with other designers about where they obtained their website design education. Before signing up for any course or program, ask about the kinds of design skills it teaches, and compare them to the skills necessary to make your abilities relevant in the website design industry.

Knowing the basics of manual coding is ideal for designing websites.
Knowing the basics of manual coding is ideal for designing websites.

Before you being searching for website design courses, determine your overall goal. For example, you might want to look for schools from which you can earn a website design degree, or you might want a less strenuous program that offers website design certification. If you don’t plan on perusing a career in website design, but still want to cultivate design skills for personal reasons, consider searching for individual website design classes.

As with many other educational classes, website design courses can be taken online or in a traditional classroom.
As with many other educational classes, website design courses can be taken online or in a traditional classroom.

Just like many other educational courses, website design courses are available online and at traditional classroom-oriented schools. The format you choose will depend on factors such as your learning style, course availability in your area, and even cost. You’ll also consider your current schedule. For example, if you’re currently employed you might need the convenience of online website design classes or to find night classes at a traditional school. Depending on your needs, you may even choose courses that split classes between classroom and online instruction.

As you browse the different website design courses, find out if you can access a real or sample course syllabus. A syllabus, which is an outline of the course, will let you know what you will learn from each of the classes. For a relevant website design education, you’ll need instruction on common design tools and skills as well as skills indirectly related to website design. As an example, a solid website design course might teach HTML, CMS, and Flash, as well as provide studies in developing a sense of web design. At the same time, the course might teach skills in project management, search engine optimization (SEO), and even web server administration.

If you’re having trouble deciding which courses look the most promising, consider talking with other designers. Since they already have experience with website design education, talking with fellow web designers can help you choose the best website design courses. Connect with designers who have produced designs you admire, and find out which school they attended or program they completed. If you don’t know any designers, get involved in online forums, blogs, and other social networking sites where you can mingle with established designers and those in training. These people can give you information about their experiences with certain classes, schools, or programs.

The cost of website design courses varies as widely as the cost of most other products. Too, as with other products, quality isn’t always represented by a high price tag. Schools that provide full degrees usually cost more than programs that provide certifications. Generally, individual courses are the least expensive, though depending on your career goals you might need more than one course. Shop around for the most affordable option, but be sure to weigh the cost against factors like the school’s reputation and past student reviews.

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