How Do I Choose the Best Unit Secretary Jobs?

Jennifer Leigh

Unit secretary jobs take place within the healthcare industry in places including private clinics, hospitals, and psychiatric facilities. In order to choose the best unit secretary jobs for you, it is necessary to determine which type of environment you are most comfortable in. Your level of experience will also factor in, because if you are not experienced, it will be more difficult to find a job within a large institution. The specific job duties will also determine which jobs are the best fit for you, as some positions have more responsibility and duties than others.

A unit secretary performs administrative services within a medical facility.
A unit secretary performs administrative services within a medical facility.

Your level of comfort in a facility can be determined by going into various facilities, talking with the staff, and observing the working environment. You want to choose a place where the staff appears to get along with one another and seems to be happy and productive. Good communication is an important aspect of unit secretary jobs, and you want to work with other people who understand the need to be open and polite with their coworkers.

The size of the facility and the type of patients being seen will also play a part in choosing the best unit secretary jobs for you. Think about the type of patient that you would most like to see on a regular basis, whether children, individuals suffering from serious illnesses, pregnant women, or other types of patients. This is a personal preference, but since it will be your duty to interact with all of the patients who check into and out of the facility, it is also a very important decision. If you are new to the profession, you might be more comfortable working in a small clinic or physician's office, but if you have been doing the job for awhile, you might want a place that experiences more traffic, such as a large metropolitan hospital.

Read the job descriptions to find the best unit secretary jobs for you, as they will outline the required duties. Standard duties for a unit secretary include interacting with patients, answering phones, and faxing insurance documents. Some positions might ask for additional work such as ordering supplies and patient billing, so you should think about the tasks you will have to do on a daily basis before making a decision. The required hours can also be a factor when finding the right job, especially if you prior commitments or family obligations.

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