How do I Choose the Best Truck Upholstery?

Erin J. Hill

Choosing the best truck upholstery may be affected by various factors. Your own personal preferences will be the primary consideration, but your budget and the options available where you live may also play a role. If you are restoring an older truck, it is probably a good idea to find upholstery as close to the original as possible to keep the authentic look and feel of the truck.

Swatches, or fabric samples, may be available to help with decision making.
Swatches, or fabric samples, may be available to help with decision making.

If your truck upholstery has only been damaged and you want to find an exact replacement, you should begin by speaking with the manufacturer of your vehicle. Depending on the year your truck was made, they may have an exact match to the original upholstery. If not, you can generally find a color and material that is very close.

Your lifestyle may also play a role in choosing truck upholstery. If you have young children who will be riding frequently or you are otherwise hard on your vehicles, you may choose a durable leather or faux leather option that will not stain as easily. Pricing is also a consideration for many. Leather is generally more expensive than fabric interiors, but it lasts longer so the cost may be offset in the long run.

Antique or show trucks may require upholstery that is as close to the original as possible. To find this you may talk to an expert in truck restoration, or take a swatch of the original truck upholstery with you when looking at new options. You should find an option that is the same color and material as the original interior, although many choose to find something entirely different.

It is really up to you and your tastes to determine which truck upholstery is best. Visit your local dealership or automotive parts star and discuss your options. If the type you want is not available, you may be able to have it special ordered online. It will generally need to be installed by a professional, so be sure to find a reputable installer. If your truck is a classic or antique, you may also wish to find someone who specializes in such automobiles to ensure that you get the authentic appearance you desire.

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