How Do I Choose the Best Toddler Pajamas?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

Choosing the right pajamas for kids can be a little difficult and confusing. Ultimately, your final choice will depend on a number of things, including the weather and style of the pajamas. Toddler pajamas should also be easy to get on and off, and they should be easy to wash. Letting your child try on children's pajamas can also ensure that they fit well and are comfortable.

During the summer months, you will want to choose toddler pajamas that will help keep your child cool. Pajamas made from lightweight cotton are usually good for this. In the winter, on the other hand, you will want to choose pajamas that will keep your child warm. Heavy fabrics, like fleece or flannel, are usually warmer.

You should also consider which style of toddler pajamas you want your child to wear. One-piece children's pajamas are popular, and these usually come with feet, or socks, attached. These can help keep your toddler warm, but they should have rubber soles to help prevent dangerous falls.

Two-piece toddler pajamas are another option. These consist of a top and a bottom. Generally, two-piece pajamas are easier to get on and off.

Since toddlers are usually potty training, toddler pajamas should be easy to get on and off. Your child should be able to do this task himself, if necessary. This will help minimize accidents in the middle of the night and in the morning when your child needs to use the toilet.

Some toddlers may not be completely ready to use a regular toilet, and accidents may occur. They may also get food and dirt on their pajamas. When choosing toddler pajamas, it is important to choose a set that is easy to clean. Pajamas that need to be hand washed, or other special care, should be avoided. Machine-washable pajamas are typically preferred by most parents.

Comfort and fit also are important when choosing toddler pajamas. They should be a little loose and not binding around the waist. Some parents may choose pajamas that are one size too big, so their child will grow into them. Other parents choose pajamas with adjustable waistbands. It is usually best to have your child try pajamas on before you make a final purchase.

The design and color of the pajamas is particularly important. Unlike infant pajamas, it is usually best if the child helps to choose his toddler pajamas. Let your child choose a color or design that he enjoys. Both boy's pajamas and girl's pajamas come in a variety of colors and designs.

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@shell4life - You can actually get footed pajamas that come in two separate pieces. I buy my toddler flannel pajamas that have feet with slip resistant bottoms.

She already knows how to go potty, so this makes it easy for her to take her pants off at night when she is groggy. The flannel material keeps her warm, and the bottom of the pajama top is gathered so that it fits snugly.

I don’t have to worry about her pulling off her socks at night, which used to be an issue. The footed pajamas keep her feet warm, and she likes wearing them.


My best friend only buys toddler boy pajamas that have dinosaurs on them. Her boy is obsessed with dinosaurs, and it is hard to get him to wear pajamas that aren’t covered in them.

He hates getting ready for bed, because that means that the fun of the day has come to an end. The only way to get him excited about bedtime is letting him wear dinosaur pajamas.

Once my best friend figured this out, she started searching for more of them. It took awhile, but she was able to find three pairs featuring dinosaurs. So, he never has to go without them.


I think it’s good to buy your kids pajamas with drawstring bottoms. That way, they have room to grow into them, and if they are too tight, they can just loosen them up.

Of course, if you buy a size too small, the elastic will be too tight for any amount of loosening to matter. So, it’s good to buy one size too big when you are purchasing drawstring pajamas.

My son has three pairs of drawstring toddler pajamas, and I think he will be able to wear them for at least another year or two. You really get more for your money when you buy clothing that is adjustable.


My sister buys her three-year-old toddler pajamas with feet. She is still in diapers, so getting the pajamas off at night is not an issue.

I think it is kind of sad that she isn’t potty-trained by now, but at least she gets to wear the cool pajamas. They are one piece with snaps, and even though she knows how to open them, she never needs to, since she just goes in her diapers.

I have a feeling that once she finally learns to use the toilet, she will be doing away with these pajamas. It’s pretty inconvenient to have to take off all your clothes just to go to the bathroom.

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