How do I Choose the Best Technology Curriculum?

Erin J. Hill

Choosing the best technology curriculum can be a daunting task since new technological advances are made seemingly every day, leaving today’s innovations obsolete in no time at all. It is the job of educators and students to be proactive when choosing what kinds of technology curriculum to teach or study. Despite the difficulty in finding coursework that will remain both helpful and relevant for more than a few years, it is also very important for those entering a technological field to become educated and stay current with emerging technologies.

Computer technology is helpful for students to learn.
Computer technology is helpful for students to learn.

It would be close to impossible to study and stay current on every technological advance in every industry. When choosing technology curriculum for yourself or for your students, do your best to stay on topic. If students will be attempting to find work in computer programming, focus on computer languages and similar topics that may be beneficial without going into great detail about computer technologies that are not directly related. Staying centered on one piece of the technological puzzle at a time will give students the chance to learn one thing before being bombarded with a dozen others.

In choosing targeted technology curriculum, it is also important to cover topics not only related to the history and current uses of a technology, but also of emerging sciences and advances being made that may soon become common practice. This gives students a head start in learning these things before they become mandatory, and lowers the learning curve once they do. Learning about new technologies before they become the norm also comes in handy when trying to find a job in the field, because employers are usually looking for workers who are on the cutting edge.

Technology curriculum should offer many things in order to promote a better understanding of the subject matter. Since these subjects are generally very technical and analytical in nature, curriculum should begin with a history of the technology along with interactive lessons that allow students to practice using these simpler practices before graduating to more advanced levels.

Even after graduation, it is generally required for students and instructors to continually learn new skills and facts as technology changes and grows. This is necessary for progression in any field and professionals within that field have to change right along with the technology that comprises it. The best technology curriculum acknowledges this, and points students along the direction of continuous educational advancement and progress.

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