How Do I Choose the Best Technical Writing Schools?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Technical writing is often found in manuals and assembly instructions.
Technical writing is often found in manuals and assembly instructions.

Careers for technical writers are available in just about all industries, and preparing for such a career means first considering technical writing schools — or more specifically, colleges and universities that offer technical writing degree programs. When choosing the best technical writing schools for you, it is important to consider several factors, the most important of which include your overall career goals, educational goals, budget for attending school, and schedule. You can attend a brick and mortar school, or you may choose an online school that offers technical writing programs.

It is wise to do plenty of research into the various technical writing schools in which you are interested. Try to find out as much as possible about the program itself as well as the instructors and professors who will be teaching the classes. Look for a teaching staff this is very experienced in the field of technical writing; many college and university websites will feature resume information about instructors that you can peruse. The program itself should focus on various technical writing topics, but more importantly, it should be in keeping with modern methods and technology to ensure you will be prepared for the competitive job market once you graduate from any of the technical writing schools you are considering.

Another way to narrow down your choices for technical writing schools is to avoid any schools that are not accredited. The accreditation process ensures the school has been evaluated thoroughly and found to offer a rigorous and high-quality education to its students. If you intend to earn a degree and pursue jobs after graduation, consider only accredited technical writing schools that will give you an education that is respected by employers and other educational institutions; this will also help ensure any credits you earn can be transferred to another educational institution should you choose to transfer at any point throughout your education career.

If you intend to work full-time during your pursuit of a writing degree, it may be wise to choose among online technical writing schools, as these often offer more flexible scheduling options. Online schools that offer asynchronous courses will allow you to work on course materials at your own pace at any time of day, which is convenient for working around other obligations and complex schedules. Remember, however, that such classes will require you to do more self-directed learning, as you will not have as much direct contact and guidance from an instructor.

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    • Technical writing is often found in manuals and assembly instructions.
      By: Stokaji
      Technical writing is often found in manuals and assembly instructions.