How Do I Choose the Best Suede Boots?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen
A brush for cleaning suede boots.
A brush for cleaning suede boots.

Choosing the best suede boots involves the consideration of many factors. How much you want to spend is important because suede boots are sold in a wide range of prices. You will need to think about what style of boot you desire. Some decisions you will need to make include how high you want the boot to rise up the leg and the color you want the boots to be.

Sprays may be used to protect suede from water damage and stains.
Sprays may be used to protect suede from water damage and stains.

Boots are available in many different styles. One of the most important things to consider when shopping for suede boots is how high they should be. Some people like low-cut boots that cover only the ankle. Other people like boots that extend to a certain height on the lower or upper leg. Think about what will be most comfortable for you and what will achieve the look you want.

Some boots are slip-on and have no other means of securing themselves to the foot. Many types of suede boots have laces, buckles, zippers up the side, or some other form of fastener. Determine what will be the most functional and comfortable for your purposes. If you want to take the boots off with ease or plan to take them on and off frequently, boots that have a zipper or are slip-on may be the best choice. Boots with laces or buckles may be an appropriate choice for you if a snug fit is preferable.

One significant consideration is whether or not you want genuine suede boots. Real suede leather is made from animal skin. People who do not want to purchase animal products may want to avoid the use of real suede. Authentic suede is also difficult to clean at times, and you may want to consider how much it will cost to purchase cleaning products. The time needed to clean the boots is also worth considering.

Imitation suede is made from various fabrics that are designed to recreate the look and feel of real suede. Faux suede is generally easier to clean and may be more resistant to stains. Other suede substitutes are manufactured from microfibers. Faux suede made from microfibers may be advantageous because they are more durable and easier to keep clean than real suede.

Boots made from suede have a large price range. People looking to save money on genuine suede boots sometime choose to buy secondhand merchandise. When shopping for used suede boots, it is important to inspect the interior and exterior to ensure they are wearable. Checking the soles to gauge the amount of wear is a good idea as well.

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A lot of suede boots for women that I’ve seen in stores lately are the kind that only rise up to the ankles. Some have a flap that folds over the top, while others just slouch.

I prefer the kind that have the flap, because to me, they look neater. I probably wouldn’t be able to wear the slouchy kind to work, because my boss is very particular about us not wearing anything that looks casual.

My black suede boots look dressy. The flap folds across the top so neatly, and it even has a snap so that I can secure it in place.


@Oceana - I don’t see how you wear boots that fit so snugly. That would be really uncomfortable to me. I have to have shoes that let my feet breathe.

I bought some imitation suede boots two years ago, and they have become my favorite boots. They slip on, and they are roomy enough at the top to allow for some air circulation.

They are grey imitation suede and they slouch all along the calf. They have nearly flat bottoms, so I can walk for miles in them without discomfort. I love wearing them to the mall, because I can shop for hours while looking stylish and feeling comfortable.


I tend to get really cold in the winter, so I wanted to find some suede boots that would fit snugly and extend at least halfway up my calves. I decided on a pair of tan suede boots that had buckles and were form-fitting so that no cold air could seep into them.

These boots went really well with my fall and winter wardrobe, which includes a lot of browns and oranges. I wore them with tights and sweater dresses last year, and I stayed very warm.

I did wear them one day when the weather turned out to be surprisingly warm, and I got rather hot, though. These are definitely for cold weather only.


I considered buying some cheap suede boots from a thrift store, but I just could not find any there that did not look worn out. The insides looked fine, but the exterior really looked rough.

Both pair that I examined had water spots on the outside. I tried rubbing the suede back and forth to see if that would help, but the spots didn’t budge.

That is the problem with suede boots. You have to remember to not wear them on rainy days, because the damage done to them by water can be irreversible.

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    • A brush for cleaning suede boots.
      By: Africa Studio
      A brush for cleaning suede boots.
    • Sprays may be used to protect suede from water damage and stains.
      By: Africa Studio
      Sprays may be used to protect suede from water damage and stains.