How do I Choose the Best Round-Toe Boots?

B. Miller
B. Miller
People wearing round toe rain boots.
People wearing round toe rain boots.

Round-toe boots are a versatile piece of footwear that can be worn with many different outfits. In addition, there are a number of different types of round-toe boots, including dress boots, rain boots, and cowboy boots, just to name a few; these different styles may be worn with various outfits in different situations. When choosing boots, or any type of footwear, you will want to consider its quality and whether the boots appear as if they will hold up over time. You will also want to consider the style and colors used, and if they will match other items in your wardrobe such as clothing and outerwear.

Round-toe hiking boots.
Round-toe hiking boots.

Dress boots are one of the most common types of round-toe boots. These are available in men's and women's styles, and in both heeled and flat versions. You might also consider the height of the boots; ankle boots are a bit more casual, and look good when worn with pants. Higher boots that reach to the mid-calf or knee are dressier, and can look very nice with skirts or dresses. Leather and suede are some of the most popular materials for dress boots; genuine cowboy boots are almost always made of leather, for example.

There are other types of round-toe boots not intended for dressy outfits, however. Most rain boots feature rounded toes for comfort; these are often made of materials such as rubber or plastics. These are available in many different colors and styles, and can be invaluable on rainy days. Snow boots, work boots, or all-weather hiking shoes also often feature round toes because they are the most comfortable, and are designed to keep moisture out of the shoes while still keeping the feet warm and dry when walking outside. It is more important to choose these shoes for function, durability, and comfort rather than style, though many functional boots can be very stylish as well.

It is possible to order many different types of round-toe boots online, and some stores offer free shipping to allow customers to try the shoes on without losing money. Some online stores even allow customers to write reviews of the shoes, which can help to point out issues with durability or strange sizing. Otherwise, choosing the best round-toe boots is a matter of personal preference, and many people have a number of different pairs in their wardrobe in order to best match them with different outfits or weather conditions outside.

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It can be hard to find cowboy boots that have round toes. Many of them come to a point, because this look is very western.

I did find a pair that resembled cowboy boots in a shoe store for women, though. They were in amongst the other leather boots, and I snatched them up before someone else could.

They are taupe with very round toes, and the top of the boots is slouched and full of crevices. A silver buckle is attached to the outside, and they have a short heel.

The sole is somewhat hard, so they are not comfortable to walk in for long distances. However, the toe area is very comfortable.


@OeKc05 – I think that most people either stick to round toe or pointy toe boots. I don't know anyone who owns both, because it would be hard to transition between them.

I have a pair of gray suede round toe boots that I love to wear with leggings and dresses. They are very dressy, and they look equally good with jeggings and skirts.

Some people think that pointy toe boots are dressier, but I disagree. I think that it's all in the material and the overall design, rather than in the shape of the toe.


I always have preferred round toe boots to ones with pointy toes. The pointy ones just look like they would cramp up my toes so badly.

I have a pair of black leather boots that come up about six inches above my ankle. They are shiny, and they have non-functional laces up the sides. They have a stacked heel that is only a couple of inches high, so they are fairly comfortable.

If I'm shopping for boots, I always look for the rounded toe. I don't think I could wear any other kind, now that I have gotten used to the comfort.


I bought some pink, black, and white polka-dotted rain boots last winter right after a big snowfall. They were one of the only pairs left in the whole town, because people had gone nuts buying them all up, since we rarely get snow, and no one was prepared.

I really loved how stylish they were, and the rounded toe area gave me plenty of room. I could even wear two pairs of socks to keep warm without getting cramped.

However, after about a year, they started to leak. I figured this out while walking through a puddle. The water came in and soaked my socks.

So, I bought some ugly olive-green rain boots instead. They were designed to be durable, and I was willing to sacrifice fashion for function. I do still wear the polka-dotted boots on dry days just for show, though.

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    • People wearing round toe rain boots.
      People wearing round toe rain boots.
    • Round-toe hiking boots.
      By: MP2
      Round-toe hiking boots.