How do I Choose the Best Student Education Grants?

Erin J. Hill

To choose the best student education grants, you should first determine which ones you are eligible to receive. Many government educational grants are dependent on student income, but some private or locally offered grants may include factors such as race, grades, or course of study. Speak with your financial aid officer at the school you want to attend and discuss which options may be available. In most cases, you will need to fill out a tuition assistance form to qualify for student education grants, scholarships, or loans.

Students may have to apply for financial aid to be considered for an education grant.
Students may have to apply for financial aid to be considered for an education grant.

Most income-based student education grants will require you to fill out your tax information from the most recent tax year. You will need to include your total income, and if you live with your parents, their income as well. There are often specific amounts offered to various income groups, with the neediest students being offered more tuition assistance. If there is a lottery in your area, you may also qualify for a lottery-funded grant. These are often given regardless of income, but they must be asked for specifically.

Not everyone is eligible to receive income-based student education grants, but there may be other options available in certain areas. Minority students or those who are studying in a certain field or live in a certain region may be awarded funds for school. Your financial aid office should have lists available of all grants being offered, but if not, you can typically do an online search to get a thorough list of grants and scholarships. These grants are not always government funded, and many privately funded grants are only offered to a limited number of students per year.

If you can’t find the best student education grants for your situation, you may be eligible for other financial assistance options. Student loans are available, as well as work-study programs at certain schools. You may be able to use a combination of these methods to pay for your schooling.

When filling out your tuition assistance forms, be sure to finish them entirely and accurately. Any discrepancies or mistakes can result in things taking longer than expected, and you not being signed up for classes in time. If there are any problems with your form after you have it completed, speak with a financial aid officer in person to get them taking care of right away to avoid problems with processing or payment.

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