How Do I Choose the Best Stationary Recumbent Bike?

Dan Cavallari

A great way to get in shape without subjecting yourself to the discomfort of sitting on a small bicycle seat is the use of a stationary recumbent bike. This piece of exercise equipment will allow you to reap the benefits of the cycling pedaling motion without requiring you to sit in the typical bicycling position, which can be uncomfortable or even painful for some people. Choosing the best one starts with measuring the space in which the bike will be placed to ensure you have enough room for this long piece of equipment.

Woman exercising
Woman exercising

Once you are sure you can fulfill the space requirements, start researching the different stationary recumbent bike brands and models. The models will often vary by features, construction, materials, and so on, and higher-end bikes will end up costing more than lower end models. Remember, however, that higher end models are often constructed with heavier duty materials and better computer components, which means the unit is more likely to last a long time than a lower end model will be. When researching the different brands and models, be sure to look into what warranties are offered for each model; this will be crucial if the machine breaks down or otherwise ceases to function properly.

Try to find a stationary recumbent bike that is highly adjustable. This will allow you to find the best cycling position for your body. If you pedal in an incorrect position — too close or too far away from the pedals, for example — you can end up doing damage to your joints and experiencing pain or discomfort. The seat should be adjustable to account for different body sizes. It should be cushioned and comfortable, but not so cushioned that your body is not adequately supported.The controls for any computer units should be easy to reach, and simple to navigate. Look for a computer with large displays that can guide you through all the features of the bike.

If you intend to move the stationary recumbent bike frequently, check the weight of the unit, and take note as to whether it features any casters or wheels that will make movement and storage of the unit much easier. Most units do not, and they can be fairly heavy, so keep this in mind when you are searching for a stationary recumbent bike you intend to move frequently. It may not be especially easy to move any unit, and storing these units can be difficult because of the size of the machine.

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