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How do I Choose the Best Soy Protein Mix?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

Protein supplements are used by many bodybuilders to help them gain lean muscle mass. These dietary supplements are a form of protein that can be consumed by mixing with either milk or water. Protein shakes come in the form of egg, whey, milk, caseine, and soy. Soy protein mix is a special protein that is created from soybean plants. The best soy protein supplements are those that include additional branch chain amino acids that are necessary for advanced muscle development.

Soybean protein has been available for some time. The body is slower to digest this type of protein than whey protein, which makes it a good option as an additional meal supplement during the day. The material composition of a soy protein mix takes longer to pass through the digestive system, which delays the time for protein uptake.

Soy beans.
Soy beans.

A soy protein mix is a great substitute for meats or other highly saturated fat products, which contain unwanted cholesterol. The vegetable-based protein supplements of soybean typically have additional antioxidant properties, which help fight free radicals. These protein shakes contain most of the amino acids that are recommended for an aspiring athlete.

Soy protein mixes can be used to make shakes.
Soy protein mixes can be used to make shakes.

Soybeans originated from Asia and were not available in the United States until the early 1800s. Farmers in the United States did not begin planting this staple until the late 1800s when soy beans were used primarily to feed livestock. In the early 1900s, many Americans began using a soy protein mix in their diets.

In 1904 G.W. Carver determined that soybeans were a good source of protein and oil. He found that soy protein was the only plant-originated protein with essential amino acids. At that time he suggested that farmers begin adding soy beans to their normal crop rotations. Typically the farmer plants soybeans in the spring and harvests them in the fall.

There are three general categories of soy protein. These are concentrated, isolate, and textured soy protein. A soy protein mix is typically made from an isolate process. This is the purest and most refined source of soy protein available in the market. The textured and concentrated forms contain additional carbohydrates, which most athletes avoid.

Mixing soy protein with other protein supplements is a good way to manage protein uptake throughout the day. Because the soy protein ingestion process is slower than with other proteins, soy protein is typically used as a meal-replacement protein. Whey proteins have the fastest digestive uptake times and are the preferred protein to consume immediately after a workout.

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    • Soy beans.
      By: terumin
      Soy beans.
    • Soy protein mixes can be used to make shakes.
      By: Deymos
      Soy protein mixes can be used to make shakes.