How Do I Choose the Best Small Tractor Backhoe?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Man with a drill
Man with a drill

Whenever you are choosing to buy or rent heavy machinery, it is important to first determine exactly how you intend to use that equipment; renting or buying a small tractor backhoe is no different, so before heading out to spend the cash, be sure to assess your needs for the machinery. Decide how deep you need to dig, how much material you need to move, in what conditions you will be operating the machine, and so on before deciding on a small tractor backhoe model. Consider your budget carefully, too, as this will dictate whether you should rent or buy the backhoe.

It is usually a wise decision to consider a small tractor backhoe manufactured by a well-known company. This helps to ensure quality of the product, but more importantly, it helps ensure that replacement parts and accessories will be available to you throughout the life of the machine. Some dealers will even set up a parts agreement with you that will ensure parts will be available to you through the dealer for a set period of time.

If you already own a tractor and need a small backhoe attachment, be sure the attachment you are considering will work with the model of tractor you own. It should be relatively easy to mount and dismount the attachment as well. The attachment should include outriggers, which stabilize the unit while the boom is in use. These outriggers should be large enough to support the tractor while the unit is digging, and they should retract easily and quickly when not in use.

The size of the tractor will dictate how useful it will be for you. Most small tractor backhoe models are suitable for small to medium jobs, and it will be important for you to research how deep you will be able to dig with a certain model. The width of the bucket will also have an impact on how much material can be moved at once, so be sure to consider this measurement as well. Ask the seller about the mobility of the backhoe as well; some boom arms can rotate 180 degrees, while others are more limited. This will have an effect on the usefulness of the tractor as well, as more limited models will require the driver to reposition the machine more often.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill