How Do I Choose the Best Backhoe Model?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Backhoes can accommodate jobs of various sizes, but the overall size of the backhoe model itself will dictate its limitations. It will be important for you to determine how you are likely to use the backhoe model on a regular basis, or for the duration that you will be renting or owning the backhoe. Think about how deep you need to dig, what kinds of holes or trenches you will create, and what other capabilities you will need from your backhoe. Think, too, about the price you are willing to pay for a backhoe, as this may dictate whether you purchase a new model or a used one.

The depth of the holes you will be digging will be one of the biggest determining factors when choosing a backhoe model. The size of the boom arm that extends from the tractor will help determine how deep of a hole you can dig, and the size and shape of the bucket will determine how wide the hole will be, as well as how quickly you will be able to dig the hole. While bigger may be better in some circumstances, it may be wise to choose a smaller, more maneuverable backhoe model with a narrower bucket if you will be digging narrow trenches in places that would be difficult or impossible to access with a larger backhoe.

Regardless of the size of the backhoe model, be sure to choose one that features a quick-coupling design which will allow you to change out attachments quickly and easily. Some new backhoes will come with additional attachments included, while others may not, requiring you to purchase additional attachments separately. Be sure to consider this when you purchase the backhoe model and include additional purchases into the overall purchase budget.

If you are considering saving some money by purchasing a used backhoe model, be sure to choose a reputable brand. This will ensure you can get replacement parts for upgrades and repairs fairly easily; it may be a good idea to work out a parts contract with the dealer from which you buy the unit so you can guarantee access to replacement parts. Be sure to budget for repairs and upgrades, as a used backhoe is likely to have maintenance issues and repair incidences sooner than a new model in many cases. Carefully inspecting and test driving the backhoe before purchasing can help you avoid some of these issues, but a used backhoe is likely to need maintenance and repairs at some point.

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