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How do I Choose the Best Shower Plumbing?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

To begin the process of choosing the best shower plumbing, decide whether you are likely to perform the plumbing yourself or hire a professional. If you are only adding external features like faucets and knobs, you can likely install your plumbing fixtures yourself. Internal components like new pipes should be done by an experienced plumber. To find the right plumber, call around to various companies you find in your local phone directory.

Make a list of plumbers you find your phone book, and begin calling around to find a plumber who specializes in the type of shower plumbing you want installed. If you have an older home in which copper pipes are used, you may also wish to find a plumbing professional with experience working with older pipes. Compare companies based on price, specialty, and years of experience.

Plumbers should be licensed and willing to offer references.
Plumbers should be licensed and willing to offer references.

To be sure you are choosing the right person, you should always ask for references from past customers. Most legitimate businesses will happily provide you with a list of former clients they have worked with, or take the time to compile a list at your request. Not all companies without references are unprofessional, but if you can find someone who does have them available, you may have greater peace of mind when entrusting them with your home.

Once you have chosen a company to install your new shower plumbing, you can begin picking out your fixtures. The company you choose may have a list of items they sell, or they may refer you to a supplier. Consider the colors and other materials used in your bathroom, if you do not intend on changing them anytime soon. You should also consider the quality you want in comparison with your project budget.

For simple projects, you may be able to handle the shower plumbing installation yourself with little trouble. Just be sure that you read any instructions available for the project you are undertaking. Failure to install pipes and other fixtures properly could result in leaks and other serious problems. If you are unsure about any portion of your project, seek the advice of a professional plumber.

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    • Plumbers should be licensed and willing to offer references.
      By: auremar
      Plumbers should be licensed and willing to offer references.