How Do I Choose the Best Shampoo for Thick Hair?

B. Miller

To choose the best shampoo for thick hair, you will need to determine the specific treatment that your hair needs. Often, people with thick hair will find that their hair is also prone to dryness and frizz. Some will find that their scalp gets greasy easily, or that dandruff is a problem. Each of these will require a different shampoo for thick hair. For people with thick hair that otherwise do not have any issues, it is generally best to use a clarifying shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner, which will ensure that the hair is clean but also soft and healthy.

Plastic bottles of shampoo.
Plastic bottles of shampoo.

Dry, frizzy hair is a frequent issue with thick hair. In this case, the best shampoo for thick hair is one that is very moisturizing, often including ingredients with shea butter and jojoba oil. It is important to select a conditioner that is designed to complement the shampoo, and treat the hair in order to calm frizz. Keep in mind that it may be necessary to use more shampoo than you think in order to thoroughly clean thick hair, particularly if you have long hair as well. Using slightly cooler water when shampooing the hair is another way to prevent frizz.

A woman with thick hair.
A woman with thick hair.

For people who have an oily scalp and thick hair, the best shampoo is typically one that is designed to be clarifying. This helps to cleanse the hair of styling products and other things that can contribute to oil. However, be sure that you are not overcleaning the hair by shampooing too frequently; some people find that if they shampoo their hair too often, it actually causes the scalp to produce even more oil, exacerbating the problem. Choosing shampoo designed for oily hair, or for treating dandruff, is often the best option in this case; then, be sure to gently and thoroughly massage the shampoo into the scalp using the fingers.

If you are lucky enough not to have either dry, frizzy hair, or an oily scalp, the best shampoo for thick hair is generally one that is designed to gently clean and moisturize the hair. It may also be a good idea to use a clarifying shampoo once or twice a week to remove buildup from styling products, but daily use is likely not necessary or desirable. Choosing a shampoo for thick hair that is designed to moisturize will ensure that the hair stays healthy and frizz-free, and that it is better protected from heat styling, particularly if you use a corresponding conditioner.

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