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How Do I Choose the Best Self-Tanning Towels?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

Self-tanning towels can help you maintain a natural-looking tan all year. When you are shopping for this self-tanning product, look for one that has a gel-type lotion because it will be easier to apply than cream. You may also want to find out if the towelettes have an exfoliant, which can help you maintain a fake tan longer. Knowing how dark you would like to be can help you select a shade. It is also helpful to read the package in order to know how long it takes the product to dry on your skin.

If possible, ask to see a sample of different self-tanning towels so you can compare them. Rub each type between your fingers to see if it is likely to apply smoothly and evenly. Look for a product that is mostly clear, as this indicates a gel-type sunless tanner. This variety is normally easier to apply than lotions, and is generally waterproof and long-lasting as well.

A woman who uses self-tanning towels.
A woman who uses self-tanning towels.

It is a good idea to read the product label in order to see if the self-tanning towels contain exfoliant. When feeling the self tanning towelettes, they should feel slightly grainy but not overly coarse or rough. This is because you only want the towelettes to remove flakes of sunless tanner you have previously applied without completely eliminating your tan. Doing so will ensure the product is applied evenly and gives you a natural look that is not too harsh for your skin tone.

Self-tanning towels can give you a light, medium, or dark tan, so it is important to know how dark you would like to be. Fake tanning towels that are designed to give you a medium or dark tan may need to be applied multiple times before you can achieve your desired shade. If you are a very pale individual, buying self-tanning products that claim to make you very dark could be a waste of money because the natural pigment of your skin may prevent you from getting extremely brown.

Most self-tanning towels allow you to get dressed shortly after using the product, but it is important to know how long you should wait before doing so in order to prevent clothing from becoming stained. Many self tanning towelettes will allow you to dress in as little as two minutes after application. Reading the label can also tell you if you need to apply the product with gloves or wash your hands immediately after using in order to keep your palms from becoming orange.

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    • A woman who uses self-tanning towels.
      By: studiovespa
      A woman who uses self-tanning towels.