What are the Best Tips for a Believable Fake Tan?

Lauren Romano

While some prefer to lay out in the sun to get darker skin, others would rather go the route of getting a fake tan. If done incorrectly, the desire for tan skin can result in skin that is orange, streaky and embarrassingly uneven. To get the look desired, it is important to do take note of some tips that can help create a beautiful, even skin tone.

A woman with a fake tan.
A woman with a fake tan.

There are several methods to get a fake tan, including using a tanning bed, getting airbrushed and using a lotion. The cost and results depend on the method used. Lying in a tanning bed is considered one of, if not the, unhealthiest way to achieve a tan.

A tanning bed can be used to get a fake tan.
A tanning bed can be used to get a fake tan.

To get a fake tan, exfoliating beforehand is vital. It evens out the skin and creates a smooth surface for the solution. Instead of exfoliating only the same day, do it every day for a week prior. Doing it only one day can create a somewhat even surface, but doing it longer gives plenty of opportunity for the skin to be even smoother.

The worst way to get a fake tan is to try to do it all at once. Going from fair skinned to a dark hue doesn't give it a natural appearance. Whichever method is used, start with a light shade and build up gradually, even if it has to be done on a daily basis. It will appear as though there were daily visits outdoors as opposed to going the fake route.

If possible, have someone apply the solution. For example, get airbrushed by a technician at a salon. Another option is to have someone at home apply the product to hard-to-reach areas, such as the back. Self-applying it can result in skin with varying degrees of darkness or streaks.

When using tanning products, some people assume application is simple and don't read the directions. The best way to get a fake tan is to read the instructions of how to apply it and how to care for the body before and after application. If there are any questions regarding the product or maintenance, there is typically a number to call for help. A believable fake tan can help make a big difference in appearance. Applying it the correct way and with the proper technique can help almost anyone achieve a beautiful, natural glow.

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