How do I Choose the Best Seasonal Job?

Diane Goettel

Choosing the best seasonal job means deciding whether it is more important to make money or to gain experience that might be useful to one's career or intended career. Someone working as a server in a high-end restaurant or as a bar tender at a hot night club might make quite a bit of money, especially if the seasonal job is located in a popular destination for vacationers or tourists. If that worker is hoping to have a career in publishing, however, that experience might not serve as good resume fodder. The best seasonal job is one that offers a decent wage and also helps the worker to learn important skills and make important contacts that will benefit one's career in the long run.

Farm work is often seasonal.
Farm work is often seasonal.

For those who are focused entirely on making as much money as possible during a summer job, focusing on career goals is not something to worry about. Maximum income is important to some people looking for seasonal jobs, especially for students who are trying to make money for the coming semester. One of the best scenarios for people in this position is to find a seasonal job that they can return to year after year. This allows the worker to spend more time making money and less time looking for a new seasonal job each year.

Ski instructors will find plenty of work during the winter.
Ski instructors will find plenty of work during the winter.

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For those who are focused on getting the best kind of experience for their careers, it may make sense to take part in an internship instead of a seasonal job. An internship may or may not offer payment in the form of an hourly wage or a stipend. The benefit of an internship is that the experience is meant to provide the worker with an introduction to his field or one aspect of the field while also helping him to make contacts that can be used later on in his career.

Some people who are already progressing in their desired field decide to take on seasonal jobs to supplement their incomes. In these cases, it is usually best to choose a seasonal job that requires between five and 15 hours per week. Working more than this might cause one to become too tired to do well at one's day job. Working in the evenings and on the weekends can be a good way to supplement one's income on a seasonal basis.

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