How do I Choose the Best Satin Curtains? (with picture)

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
A close up of a satin curtain.
A close up of a satin curtain.

If you have decided to use satin curtains for window treatments in your home, it is important to be aware of your options. One of the primary factors to consider is where you will place the curtains, as the design and color of this type of window treatment should depend on the rest of the room's d├ęcor. The placement of the curtains should also help you decide how long they should be, as curtains that are too long or too short for the room could look out of place. Finally, consider whether to use satin as-is, or add unique decorative touches to it before hanging your curtains.

Before you decide on a color or design, you should take into account where the satin curtains will go. For example, solid colors might look best in a room that already has a decorative pattern, since two different designs will likely clash. On the other hand, if the room is quite plain, satin curtains that feature an interesting design may add some zest. You should apply the same caution when choosing the color, as clashing hues could ruin the elegance that satin curtains often bring to the home.

These types of curtains often look nice whether they are long or short, but you should consider which kind is more practical for your home. For example, long curtains that sweep the floor are often appropriate for living rooms and guest rooms, as they are known for being elegant and are moved more rarely. By contrast, a family room, den, or children's room is often best with short curtains since they usually give off a more casual feel, so consider the look you are going for, before you buy. Additionally, if you have pets or young children, long curtains are likely to get destroyed easily, so shorter kinds are usually more practical in this situation.

If you have decided to buy plain curtains, know that you can create a custom look by adding a few extra touches. For example, you can dress up plain satin curtains by affixing beads or strands of jewels to the top. This can turn basic curtains into elegant additions to your home. You can also use a valance at the top of the curtains, which can be ruffled, pleated, or long, to name just a few of the choices you have. This option allows you to choose basic, inexpensive curtains without retaining a basic look for your home.

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    • A close up of a satin curtain.
      A close up of a satin curtain.