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How do I Choose the Best RV Curtains?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

When you are selecting recreational vehicle (RV) curtains, choose a heavy material that is difficult to see through. You should also make sure they are big enough to completely cover the window. Consider those that have a Velcro® closure in the center to keep them securely closed. You might also want to find a pair that has tie-backs so you can allow sunlight to come in during the day.

Selecting the right fabric for RV curtains is important for ensuring privacy and keeping out drafts. Consider a heavy cotton, polyester, or wool blend for the RV curtains. You could also add a liner made of satin or silk for extra insulation. If a thin material is chosen, you might want to consider adding a pair of shears, so other campers will not be able to see through them.

The fabric of RV curtains should compliment the decor of your motor home. Try to select bright colors or vivid patterns in order to add visual interest. Think about the color of your furniture, carpet and other accessories when making a decision.

Camper curtains should be easy to wash at campground facilities.
Camper curtains should be easy to wash at campground facilities.

Measure the windows in your camper so you will know what size to buy. You may want to buy a pair that is slightly longer than the window itself in order to make sure it is completely covered. Make sure the RV curtains are wide enough to cover the opening without leaving any gaps on the side.

You may want to select RV curtains that meet securely in the middle without any open space. You might also think about choosing a pair that has a Velcro® closure in the center. Make sure that if the curtains are secured in this manner, they will still cover the window on either side.

Even though privacy can be important, you will also want to open your drapes to let sunshine in or look at beautiful scenery. See if the ones you are considering purchasing have tie-backs so you can open them easily. If not, think about whether or not it might be easy to make your own tie-backs from decorative cord.

Hanging new curtains in your motor home can give it a fresh look and make you feel more comfortable while you are traveling. These accessories can also help you maintain a sense of privacy when parked close to other campers. There are a number of styles and colors available, so it should be easy to choose the ones that best suit your individual taste and budget.

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    • Camper curtains should be easy to wash at campground facilities.
      By: Greg Pickens
      Camper curtains should be easy to wash at campground facilities.