How do I Choose the Best Radiology Technician Training?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

A radiology technician works to prepare patients for radiological procedures and operates radiology machinery for the purpose of producing images a doctor can use in diagnosing and treating patients. Depending on where you live, you may find a variety of radiology technician training programs in which you can enroll to prepare for this career. Choosing the best program typically means selecting a program that is accredited in your jurisdiction, has a good reputation, and offers the credential you are seeking. Additionally, you may do well to consider schools based on affordability and financial aid as well.

Those hoping to work in oral radiology should choose a program with a dental focus.
Those hoping to work in oral radiology should choose a program with a dental focus.

Accreditation is critical when it comes to choosing the best radiology technician training program. If you choose to enroll in an accredited program, you can usually rest assured that potential employers will see the credential you earn as real and respectable. Likewise, you may need a credential from an accredited program if you decide to pursue further education at a different school. If you receive training from an unaccredited program, there’s a chance a new school will not recognize your prior education. Additionally, you may need to seek licensing in this field, depending on where you live, and you may not meet eligibility requirements if you obtain training from an unaccredited program.

The type of credentials a radiology technician training program offers is also important when you’re trying to choose the best one. There are various radiology technician programs from which you can choose. You may opt for a one-year program if you want to earn a degree or certificate or a two-year program if you’d like to earn an associate’s degree. You could also choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree program, which usually takes about four years to complete. While you may be able to land a job with any of these levels of training, earning a bachelor’s degree may open more doors for you; in fact, you may have a better chance of landing a supervisory position if you’ve earned a four-year degree.

If you want to heighten your chances of landing the job you want, you may do well to consider the reputation of the radiology technician training program as well. You can learn about a school’s reputation by checking for reviews online or by asking potential employers where most of their radiology techs were trained. You may also learn about good programs by asking experienced radiology techs for recommendations.

Just as radiology technician training programs differ in terms of the credentials they offer, they may also differ when it comes to tuition costs. You may consider which programs offer the most financial aid when making your choice. Some schools may also offer payment plans to make meeting the costs of education easier.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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