How Do I Choose the Best Professional Garment Steamer?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate
Winter coats may be steamed by a professional garment steamer.
Winter coats may be steamed by a professional garment steamer.

If cost is a major consideration when selecting a professional garment steamer, choose a reliable product at a reasonable price, without compromising quality. Also, look for a model that is energy efficient, or you may not be saving on dry cleaning costs due to high electric bills. If you have little storage space, consider a hand-held unit that is portable and lightweight. Alternately, many professional garment cleaners are made with a collapsible pole extension, allowing you to easily store the unit in small places. For time saving features, choose a model with a steamer that heats up in the least amount of time.

Using a fabric steamer is a good option for those who want the convenience of removing wrinkles from clothing with minimal effort. A professional garment steamer can generally steam heavy articles of clothing, such as sports jackets and winter coats, as well as draperies. When choosing a steamer, however, buy one that is powerful enough to sanitize fabrics at the same time. Many garment steamers have the ability to remove odors from clothing, but you need to read the packaging to be certain.

Consider the amount of clothing you have to steam on a regular basis. If you are single, or steam clothing for only one or two people, you probably won't require a large-capacity water tank. On the other hand, if you have a large family or own several articles of clothing that require steaming on a regular basis, choose a professional garment steamer with a large-capacity water tank. This will allow you to steam more clothing without having to refill the water tank as often. Also, look for a tank that removes from the unit easily, for simple fill-ups and effortless maintenance.

Choosing a clothes steamer with rolling casters can be very convenient. This feature makes it easier to move the unit, especially if the steamer is heavy. If you use your garment cleaner on curtains and drapes, the hose extension should be flexible and long enough to reach the top of the drapes.

If you find a professional garment steamer that seems like a good choice, go online and read consumer reviews. It's a good idea to see how the product is rated before deciding on which professional garment steamer to purchase. Also, be sure the garment steamer has been put through a series of stringent performance tests. In addition, your professional garment steamer should come with a manufacturer warranty.

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    • Winter coats may be steamed by a professional garment steamer.
      By: Elenathewise
      Winter coats may be steamed by a professional garment steamer.