How do I Choose the Best Primary Curriculum for my Child?

Felicia Dye

Many people realize that the primary years can be a fundamental part of a child’s development. You may be one of those people, and as such, you may be wondering how to choose the best primary curriculum for your child. It is generally wise to start with an assessment of the child. Then, you can assess your options.

Primary curriculum should include individual and group instruction.
Primary curriculum should include individual and group instruction.

Each child is different. This means that even if you have raised other children, what worked well for them may not work well for the one you are raising now. This also means that what seems to be the answer for your child’s peers may not be the answer for your child.

You must analyze your child as an individual. Even though your child is still young, you should be able to clearly see some characteristics. You may already be able to see strengths and weaknesses. Certain talents and inclinations may be obvious. You will want to consider these things when choosing a primary curriculum.

The things your child learns and the method in which those things are taught should complement the child’s personality. It can be damaging and wasteful to expose your child to a primary curriculum that does not do so. You may find that your child does not perform up to the standard that you know he is capable of.

While you are considering who your child is, you should also consider who you are. It can be confusing and conflicting to expose your child to a primary curriculum that operates counter to your beliefs. Since both education and family can have a major impact on your child, you should try to make sure that one complements the other.

Once you have completed a proper assessment of your child and yourself, you should have a standard. You can now begin to assess your options. Some options may be cheaper or more convenient than others. If possible, you should try to prevent these factors from weighing heavily on your choice.

Instead, you should weigh your standard for the best primary curriculum against a facility’s ability to uphold that standard. You should do your best to make sure a school provides what they claim they will provide. You should also do your best to make sure your child is benefiting from your choice.

If you find this is not happening, you should not feel trapped by your decision. Choosing the best primary curriculum may involve a trial process. This means your first choice may not be the best choice, and you may have to make a change.

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