How do I Choose the Best Prefab Builders?

Harriette Halepis
Harriette Halepis
Many prefab builders construct model homes.
Many prefab builders construct model homes.

As with any other kind of home builder, prefab builders must be chosen carefully. The entire construction of a home is in the hands of the builder that you hire. When a home is built properly, the result is a sturdy, up to code home that a homeowner can enjoy for many years to come. On the other hand, when a home is not built properly the results can be disastrous.

Before you can choose a builder, you'll have to find out the names of prefab builders in your area. To do this, contact your local home builders' association. These associations keep lists of all the builders in one particular area. Once you have a list of builders, take the time to call each one to ask about the types of homes that they build. If you live in a large area filled with many builders, look through your local newspaper for the names and contact numbers of builders in your immediate area.

After you have found the names of prefab builders in your area, you may want to speak with homeowners that have worked with any contractor you may be considering. Ask a contractor or builder to give you a list of the homes that they have built. Then, drive by the homes on a weekend morning when you are bound to catch a homeowner outside. If you do see a homeowner, simply ask if the builder you are considering is a good choice. Chances are, those homeowners that are not happy with their home construction will let you know right away.

Many prefab builders have model homes built. These home are constructed in order to show future buyers the quality of their workmanship. If a builder in your area offers you a look at a model home, make sure to take a notepad with you. During your visit, write down anything you are unsure of, and make sure to ask a builder many questions about the home. Most prefabs can be built to order, but it never hurts to ask a builder whether or not the materials you desire are available.

Shopping for prefab builders is just like shopping for any other large item. You'll want to do a lot of research, ask questions, and find out the average cost for a prefab home before you decide to hire a builder. You can never be thorough enough when it comes to purchasing a home. After all, your house is probably the biggest and most important item that you will ever buy.

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thanks! I live in a blackburn type 3 permanent pre-fab in Paisley, Scotland. I really want to know if it's safe and possible to add a conservatory or extension.

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    • Many prefab builders construct model homes.
      Many prefab builders construct model homes.