How Do I Choose the Best Porch Fan?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
A ceiling fan can make a porch more enjoyable.
A ceiling fan can make a porch more enjoyable.

Buying a porch fan can make using an outdoor space more enjoyable. The ideal model will not interfere with foot traffic, so one that is mounted rather than freestanding could be ideal. You may want a different fan in the summer than you normally use in the winter. It should be easy to control an outdoor fan, and there are several features that help.

A wall-mounted porch fan might be a better choice than a floor model is since there are no cords to worry about tripping over. If you choose one of these types, it is a good idea to make sure it can be attached at the proper height and angle. This allows you to benefit from the airflow without the device in the way. One that hangs between 5 and 6 feet (1.5 to 1.8 m) high and at a 45-degree angle is typically ideal for this. Reading the mounting instructions can let you know if it is possible to secure the unit in this manner.

Ceiling fans are another option. Measure the ceiling at its widest point and then add 6 inches (15.24 cm) to this number to allow for plenty of clearance. You should also make sure the unit mounts close enough to the ceiling so there will be enough room to walk underneath the porch fan. It is also important to buy one rated for outdoor use, as an indoor fan does not normally work well when exposed to the elements. You may want to ask a salesperson to recommend one that can operate in this type of environment.

Some fans spray a light mist, and you may want one of these for a summer porch. This is because they can help keep you cooler than one that merely blows air will. For winter enjoyment, a ceiling fan with reversible blades can be a good option. Turning the blades counter-clockwise rather than in a clockwise direction helps pull warm air downward, thereby helping to heat this area.

It is often be difficult to reach a porch fan, so you may want to consider a remote-controlled option. These can be turned on or off simply by pressing a button, so there is no need to climb on something to do this. If the model does not have a remote control, a very long chain just below the cage mechanism also makes it easy to control the unit.

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    • A ceiling fan can make a porch more enjoyable.
      By: Cheryl Casey
      A ceiling fan can make a porch more enjoyable.