How do I Choose the Best Pharmacy Technician Continuing Education Courses?

Misty Amber Brighton

If you are considering a pharmacy technician continuing education course, check with any licensing bureaus in your area first. They can tell you whether certain courses might be mandatory. You could also ask the pharmacists you work for to give you advice. Consider whether a doctor or registered pharmacist teaches a particular class before enrolling. Think about how each class might help you perform your job better.

Pills from a pharmacy.
Pills from a pharmacy.

Many jurisdictions require pharmacy technicians to pass a licensing exam before they can work in this capacity. After doing so, many areas also require these individuals to take a minimum number of hours of pharmacy technician continuing education courses in order to maintain this certification. Before you enroll in classes, it might be a good idea to check with the agency that issues licenses to pharmacy technicians. They may have specific requirements that you will need to keep in mind when choosing classes. This board can also tell you if certain subject might be mandatory for you to take.

A pharmacy technician working.
A pharmacy technician working.

Talk with the pharmacist you work for. Ask him if he can recommend any particular pharmacy technician continuing education classes for you. He is likely well informed of changes in the industry, and therefore is a good source of information. If he is also taking continuing education courses, find out which ones he is enrolled in and the reasons for doing so.

Large pharmacy chain stores may have specific continuing education requirements, and if you work for one find out what those requirements are. This information might be sent out in a letter to the store manager. Check with him to see if he can tell you whether this is the case. That way, you can take the pharmacy technician continuing education courses you need to remain employed in your present position.

You should make sure a medical professional teaches the classes. This is preferably a currently practicing physician or licensed pharmacist. Some online courses may not specify what the instructor's credentials are, so you may want to send them an e-mail inquiring about this. Taking classes given by unqualified personnel may not count toward your minimum requirement in some instances.

Job opportunities for pharmacy technicians are expected to grow with the advancement of technology and the aging populations of many countries. Those who choose a career in this field may find themselves needing to stay updated on new medications and changes in the law. Choosing the right pharmacy technician continuing education classes can help you stay informed while fulfilling the obligations necessary to maintain your license and continue to practice.

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