How Do I Choose the Best Performance Appraisal Software?

M. Kayo
M. Kayo
Woman holding a disc
Woman holding a disc

Selecting the right performance appraisal software may reduce the time it takes to conduct employee performance appraisals, streamline the process, and remove some of the negative emotions from the appraisal process. The best performance appraisal software will also increase the participation of managers and employees by creating a process that is easy to use for both the appraiser and those being appraised. Ideally, good performance appraisal software should have a built-in competency library, some type of feedback process, automated task functions, like e-mail reminders, and the capability to provide customized employee evaluation when needed.

Security should be the number one consideration in choosing performance appraisal software, especially if that software is a web-based system that is accessible through the Internet. If a company has multiple locations, employees may move around or may not all work in a single, central office. Having convenient access to employee performance appraisal software online, for both managers and employees, is preferable. Some appraisal software programs are hosted off-site by a third party, which means all upgrades and maintenance issues can be handled without getting the company's IT department involved.

Another thing to consider when selecting employee performance appraisal software is its capacity to automatically align an organization's priorities to those of the individual employee. The process of judging and evaluating someone's behavior in the workplace can be a rather daunting for both the individual evaluating and the individuals being evaluated. Having a pre-determined type of evaluation template removes a great deal of the nervous tension and apprehension that may be associated with typical employee evaluations.

The capacity of the employee performance appraisal software to allow managers to use or combine parts of their own evaluation process with an established criteria is another important consideration in choosing the best software. Another thing to consider is the software's capability to customize employee appraisal forms and make changes in the appraisal process without the involvement of a software vendor or the company's internal IT department. An extensive and customizable competency library allows managers to make quicker assessments regarding specific employee positions and duties. As with most software, more features and a higher level of customizable functions will likely cost more money. One thing is certain — employee performance appraisal software programs that help streamline the employee evaluation process free up time, provide an accurate assessment for both employees and managers, reduce paperwork, and allow people to get back to work sooner.

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    • Woman holding a disc
      Woman holding a disc